Spiderman Party Theme Ideas

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So you’re planning a party for a loved one, and they want a Spiderman theme? With Navarro’s Party Supplies, you can get everything you need for a Spiderman party that will leave your guests astounded at the awesomeness that was your party. However, it’s not just great items that make a party, it’s creativity, too. That’s why the party experts at Navarro’s have put together a list of ideas to make your party go above and beyond the call of duty. Here are tips to get your party into web-slinging shape:

Use Red and Blue on Everything

As you may know, the original Spiderman has a red and blue costume. These two colors should be the primary colors in your party, and they should be everywhere. The cups, plates, party decorations, and even the food should be red and blue. Suffice to say that everything you can get your hands on should be these two colors. A great way to accent this theme is to color things that normally wouldn’t be colored, like your hair. There are temporary aerosol hair dyes that wash off easily and can give hair that two-color combination that kids will love.

Use out-of-the-box party decorations

Spiderman is also famous for his webbing, and you can use this to give your party the Spiderman vibe. Put fake spider webs all over the party area, but not in places where it would be more a disturbance than a cool party decoration. Avoid areas like: eating areas, sitting areas and bathrooms. Feel free to “web” it up everywhere else. Another great decoration for a party like this is to have spiders everywhere. Not scary, Halloween spiders, but just regular, small spiders everywhere.

Fun Party Games

Since you already have spiders everywhere, make a game out of it. Instead of an easter egg hunt, you can do a spider hunt. Have your guests find the most spiders to win. Or, put a fresh spin on it and color one spider red and blue, hide it somewhere, and have your guests try to find the red and blue spider. These Spiderman-themed games are sure to be a big hit with the kids if done right. You can also have your guests decorate pastries and food red and blue using food coloring. This is a great way to entertain and also take some of load off of you.

Start your party today!

Remember, all of the items needed for these ideas can be found at Navarro’s Party Supplies. From the party decorations to the candy, we’ve got you covered. Use these party ideas and make your party the best possible Spiderman party around. Call us now to order all the party supplies you need, or visit our warehouse for further party ideas. You can even visit our website to learn more about all of the party decorations!  Our party experts would be more than happy to suggest ideas and themes for your next party. With Navarro’s Party Supplies, you can get the party started right!

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